Bilikwalk International Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan and Independent organisation dedicated to conduct top-notch research and field studies and produce an un-biased knowledge in the diverse fields of social, political and economic structure and processes that shape life in India. Our aim is to explore the ways of creating favourable conditions and opportunities for the holistic development and empowerment of the poor and weaker sections of our society and providing insight into the diverse possibilities for betterment of their lives.


Bilikwalk International Foundation (BIF) continues to be guided by the principles of its founders and promoters, with their vision and proactive approach to ‘giving’ and returning to the society which has given us so much. This organization, thus, aims to catalyse societal development through initiatives and interventions that have a contemporary relevance to the communities and the nation.


In order to enhance impact and ensure that interventions are appropriate, effective and sustainable, the BIF has adopted an approach to support multiple interlinked developmental activities after a thorough and innovative research in the identified areas and select geographies across the country. The BIF’s mission is to empower India through reducing poverty and inequality, and contribute significantly to the building of an intellectual capital and a clean and pollution free environment in the country, critical to the making of a new and inclusive India.


We believe in research with action. Our team of dedicated scholars, researchers and workers aim to address the problems by partnering with experts across the globe and using cutting-edge research methods and technology to yield acute insights and better implementation of policies.

Our focused area relate to research and survey; education, health and environment; empowerment of youth, women and other vulnerable sections of our society ; and such other social welfare acts necessary for improving the living conditions of the poor and unprivileged people and for a sustainable and inclusive development of India.


We intend to assist the Government as well as other organisations and individuals towards better designing and management of their policies and resources through innovative and transformative research. We believe in providing an integrated end-to-end solution from researching the key drives of the problem through to- implementing the chosen policy and even monitoring and evaluating the progress; and to ensure that the solutions are practically feasible and viable - an essential element of sustainability and growth.



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